Dragonglide on Americade video

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Dragonglide on Americade video

Postby Mainah » Fri Apr 26, 2019 2:05 pm

Just opened the new edition of Favorite Rides and Destinations. Who do you think is in the Americade promo? None other than Dragonglide, looking good, Rob!
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Re: Dragonglide on Americade video

Postby Dragonglide » Sat Apr 27, 2019 4:55 am

Hey Rick!! I know that guy too!!! Some people even joke and call him "Mr. Americade"!
We were on this great Vermont ride to this really awesome old hotel that was family run. The day was perfect, weather was incredible, and we were hanging outside just taking in the scenery and talking to the new photog/videographer.
I was just being me, and getting to know another motorcyclist and described my experiences with Americade and how much I enjoyed coming and getting my friends to finally come up and experience the event that I had gone to for a few years.
I can't remember the fella's name, but he was a chill dude. We were all just sitting around talking when he said "Hey that was pretty good, do you think you could do that again for the camera?" Think I said something along the lines of, "Do what?".
Well before ya know it I made my debut as Mr. Americade. Come on up!! It's the place to be!!!!
I wasn't sure if any of it would see the light of day. And one night while on Youtube (I think it was there) I saw a new Americade vid and watched it. To my surprise, there I was at the end!!! And with a great line and Jersey accent to boot!!!!
Such a cool thing to do. I meant what I said. Great times with good people. I'm happy to know that in less than 40 days I get to see my Amerifriends again!


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