My Americade 2018 Review

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My Americade 2018 Review

Postby Ryck » Sun Jun 10, 2018 7:43 pm

Block party was great. Liked the shows and bands. Hate to say it but it also cooled down the Canada Street showoffs especially on Saturday. I think the police should have played an active role in directing pedestrian traffic. Pedestrians were crossing both on the red and the green causing for angry tempers from bikers and cars alike but the police simply stayed in their cars. What was that about?

Americade Expo. This is the better location. I especially liked parking my bike on a hard surface not having to worry if the kickstand will dig into the grass. Good cross section of vendors. A lot of vendors in a general location that's easy to get to if you need work done.

Million Dollar Beach. Nice having it available for Americade. Especially since NY state has made it so expensive to use the parking lot. So why not leave it as-is if the NY state prices it that way?

Friday Night Spectacular. Best seating for the show and the fireworks ever. Particularly the fireworks. (I heard that fireworks at Prospect Mountain was pretty good location but that's before my time.) I like that it is a short walk if you park the bike at FWH or use a trolley to get in. Best kept secret - come early to get a spot in the tent. Handy if rain in the forecast.

Demos. Great seeing Moto Guzzi and Aprilla back. I can't believe HD is a no show. Kawasaki a no show again? The rest of the vendors came with rather large demo fleets with Honda nearly half of its fleet being Goodwings. Honda looks to take advantage of the expanding American economy by showing off their flagship bikes.

I think this Americade configuration is a winner. Looking forward to 2019.

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Re: My Americade 2018 Review

Postby Ameri-helper » Mon Jun 18, 2018 12:49 pm

Thanks for the thoughtful input, Ryck. :idea:
It does seem to be the consensus of opinion that this year's layout was an improvement. And now that we have got this first major revision under our belts, we can work on fine-tuning the details for next year.

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