Thursday Poker Run

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Thursday Poker Run

Postby Ryck » Sun Jun 10, 2018 7:58 pm

Positive: I like the idea of resetting your trip meter at each turn so you only need to watch distance from turn. Better than before where the trip meter was set only at the beginning of the run. Everyone's trip meter is different and near the end of the run trip meter values differ.

I like short and long run options.

Negative: The person used Google Maps only. Follow up by an actual run though and note how you'll actually describe the run. You'll see the difference between how it looks in Google and how it looks in real life. Put real life directions on paper.

If you are going to use a spreadsheet, put the page break at the end of a stop rather than during a run.

If you are going to enter short runs and long runs, make clear distinctions in the directions.

Please number the stops consistently no matter if you do a short run or a long run.

Double check routes.

Put postal address or GPS address of each of the stops. I requested this before. Why not do it? In spite of "excellent directions", people do find ways to get lost. If they can GPS the stop, they can get to the stop and get back and continue the game without much ado.
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Re: Thursday Poker Run

Postby » Mon Jun 11, 2018 2:47 pm

So, the Poker Run, Where do I start...

Too Long, we started at 10am, yes we took the longer version, but did not get to the last stop until almost 5pm (We only took 15-20 minutes at the VT Country Store stop, the rest were quick get your card and move on) The Web page stated a return time of 3pm. I know that depends on how you ride, but 2 additional hours for us, and more for others, is just not acceptable). What should have been a early afternoon ending, took up a whole day.

If you have 2 versions, have two separate sets of directions. This just makes it easier.

The mileage values were off, and I am sure some were confused with the KM being next to the description of the route, and the miles on the other side of the paper. I prefer to have a continuous mileage rather than distance to the next turn, but I can work with either.

Agree with the route needing to be ridden, it seems like it was not. In reality, it should be ridden by folks who did not plan the route and they should use the printed directions to see if they are correct and if they are easy to follow. At one point the route number changed but that was not listed on the directions. Some of the roads included sections under construction and some were very rough, this can either be included in the directions, of the route can be changed if it is properly scouted. I am sure the construction folks (even though it was a short distance) did not want to deal with the additional traffic created by the Poker Run.

Why in the 21st century is the route not published prior to Americade and a GPX file put on the web for riders to download and use? I ask this question of the volunteers and was told the route was not even figured out until the Tuesday prior to Americade. Come on folks, that is just not acceptable for an event like Americade. Even if the stops are posted with a address and coordinates, then we all could put them into our GPS'.

Finally, on the route sheet list what the stop is.(I.e. Stop 1 - Joes Good Eats) this would make it a little easier to find the stop. Some of the stops were very easy to see, others not so much.

Thanks for allowing the input. Unless I hear/see some major changes in how this event is organized, this will be my last year for taking part in the poker run,. Which is sad for me because they always seem to include some nice routes. The main reason I always participated was the charity aspect of the event. For future Americades, I will be giving that money to another charity (such as the Rotary bike raffle).

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