What purpose does Live Chat Serve?

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What purpose does Live Chat Serve?

Postby FrankJ » Wed Feb 27, 2019 7:54 pm

I registered my wife and I on 2/11, Platinum pass, and I select a boat cruise and guided tour, and one additonal tour for just me. I print out the confirmation and then I have a question, it doesn't list 2 for each for the boat & guided tour.

I go to Live Chat, give my order # and ask about verifying that we are each both signed up for my selections, she said wait a minute while she checked, came back and basically said someone would contact me the following week and let me know the difference owed, I said what difference!?, everything's paid in full for what I ordered and that wasn't my question, eventually ended the chat, wasn't going any where.

I contact Live Chat a week later, asked the same question and said no one's contacted me yet. She said registration has been incredibly busy once the registration opened and they are behind on contacting people with questions/issues, totally understand that, but when I said what day and time will they call, couldn't even get a day or approx time, but that they would leave a voice mail which would be fine, but what if I had questions regarding the message, I'd be back to square one, so again nothing resolved.

Now I'm guessing and I think I may be right, but when you register for rider & passenger, they assume both of us are going on the selected options.

Anyways, my experience; Live Chat is good for general questions, but for help regarding your registration, not so good


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Re: What purpose does Live Chat Serve?

Postby Ameri-helper » Wed Mar 06, 2019 10:09 am

Hi Frank,

Live Chat typically works very well, but in the two instances our representatives chatted with you it/we didn't fully answer your question. We apologize for that, and will fully clear up everything here.

First, thanks for registering! These little hiccups will be replaced by a wonderful (hopefully sunny) Americade Week.

When you register for a boat or a minitour, regardless of whether you've signed up for two week-long packages or only one, the quantity in the quantity field for any of the rides/activities is the actual amount of tickets you're choosing. Eg, if you choose "2" boat cruise tickets, you'll have access for two people. If you choose "1" for a guided ride, then you'll have access for only one person. This is done that way because a not-small number of couples don't participate on all their activities together (eg, passenger doesn't want to go on that ride, driver doesn't like boat cruises, etc).

Regarding Americade being willing to identify a specific date that we'll process your registration: When PreRegistration opens in early February, we get a flood of registrations coming in through the internet and through the USPS. We carefully keep track of the order in which we receive them, so that when things sell out (and things always sell out), the people who registered first got first dibs on those things. So, we'll have this very large "stack" that we have to work through, taking many days, and it's difficult to know precisely when we'll arrive at a particular point in the stack.

I hope this helps. If there are any other questions, or if we've missed something don't hesitate to ask it here, call us or try the Live Chat again.

Thanks again and pray for sun!

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